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Last updated: October 6, 2015

This is a showcase of unofficial mods I'm working on for Minecraft! These designs are still in progress but many assets have already been created. I want to create fun additions that truly add to the core experience of Minecraft without compromising the original balance and progression of the original game.

The designs are being crafted into Forge mods and more designs will be showcased soon!

Fox | Baby Fox | Cave Creeper | Improved Water | New Crafting Recipes | Texture Updates | Gameplay Changes


As a brand new tamable mob, the Fox can be found in several forest-like biomes. Once tamed, Foxes will follow the player and attack enemy mobs. They may even occassionally chase Chickens around! Also planned are the Arctic Fox and Desert Fox variants.

Paper concept

3D concept

3D printed figure

The Fox was first sketched on graph paper for sizing and shape. The model was then crafted in Techne while making adjustments from the paper concept to better accomodate the three-dimensional character. The first texture layer was applied for key features and color, then a second layer was added with refined color and noise.

Several physical, 3D printed prototype figures were made to better visualize the unique silhouette of the Fox. Each figure was hand-painted with acrylic paint and measure a two inches in length.

Spawn Egg

Improved Water

Water has received a massive adjustment! The color now has a stronger, more natural look for both moving and still water. This change was accomplished with a simple texture change.


Crafting Recipes

These new crafting recipes were created using existing items. It was important to create new recipes that were balanced and did not remove from the pacing and progression of the game.

Podzol is only generated in the Mega Taiga biome and does not spread to other Dirt blocks like Grass. Using one Dirt Block and eight Leaves of any tree type, a single Podzol block can be crafted.

Packed Ice

Packed Ice can only be found in Ice Plains Spikes biomes. Combining four blocks of Ice will create one block of Packed Ice! Since Ice can only be gathered using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment, this recipe doesn't diminish the need for the enchantment.

Texture Updates

In addition to water texture enhancements shown above, more texture changes were made. To keep visual consistency and to honor the base resource pack, only slight tweaks were made. More to come!


Melons received a color change to resemble something closer to watermelon. The block simply received a hue change and now better matches the Melon item that is stored in the player's inventory.

White Stained Clay has received an extremely subtle adjustment with a decreased saturation. This results in the block looking less tan and makes for nicer visuals for builds uisng this clay.